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Royal Military Police

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The Royal Military Police (RMP) has a regular manning liability of approximately 2500 personnel and are the Army's specialists in Investigations and Policing. They are responsible for policing the military community worldwide.

The RMP have two specialisations: the Special Investigation Branch (SIB) and Close Protection (CP). The SIB undertake serious and protracted investigations ranging from Fraud to Rape and Murder, they also provide specialist support to investigations such as Scenes of Crime. They provide this service both in garrison and on operations.

The RMP also train and provide Close Protection operatives from within the RMP for senior military personnel on operations. They also provide a number of on call trained operatives for the Foreign and commonwealth Office.

All Soldiers can specialise to either of these roles, throughout their careers

Joining the RMP

On joining the RMP everyone undertakes General Police Duties (GPD). GPD provide Garrison Policing, 24 hour manned Police Stations in larger garrisons and support the military on operations. They investigate crimes ranging from thefts to assaults, conduct arrests, searches and basic crime scenes.

You can also look at our current recruitment opportunities, whether you are currently serving or not and whether you are interested in regular or reserve service.

RMP Recruitment -

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